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Saturday, May 28, 2011


I Drink Your Milkshake

With apologies in advance to iconic NM Mark Kernighan, the most valuable member of the Kenilworth club, I'll probably never get another chance to do this so here goes. This week, on our episode of our regular show 'I Drink Your Milkshake,' we consider the following position:

'If I have a knight, and you have a knight, and my knight is on e5, see there it is, my knight reaches across the board and starts to take your pawn on f7, I drink your milkshake. I drink it up!'

To clarify:

For the truly impatient philistines it is possible to skip directly to 11:10 into the video. But why?

And I was fortunate enough to just pass the 2000 mark in the recent Kenilworth quads, something I will probably pass again in the other direction, but I took this picture of myself so I wouldn't forget. (That's a Memento reference. Am I the only one whose brain died sometime in the late nineties?)


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