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Friday, December 10, 2010


Kenilworth Chess Club Consultation Game

The Kenilworth Chess Club held its second consultation game of the year. We tried something new with the time controls this year. First 5 moves, no time control! Then the next 25 moves in 60 minutes with 5 second delay. White sealed their 31st move going into next week's time control. Things became exciting once we got into Sveshnikov territory. Showing theory no respect, pawn offerings, backwards pawns, isolated pawns, the bishop pair...this game was riddled with imbalances.

The first 30 moves

The game will finish up next week. It isn't too late to join us at the KCC to see first hand how this battle ends.

Below, Yaacov discusses with the Black team how in certain positions, particular moves just "need" to be played. The position calls for it! Thanks to Dan K for the pic.

Instead of working with SM Yaacov Norowitz, get the chance to play against him! He will be giving a simul at the Marshall Chess Club Wednesday December 15th. Come one, come all.



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