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Monday, September 20, 2010


Round 1: Anand-Gelfand

1. e4!

Anand, at that time an inveterate 1. e4 player, squared off in Round 1 against one of two leading experts in the Petroff at the tournament. Players at Anand's level are constantly pressed to show an advantage for White in the Petroff, so it was interesting to see what Anand decided to try...

After a tactical but ultimately uneventful draw, Anand was tied with the pack as all games from the first round were draws:

Anand 0.5
Aronian 0.5
Gelfand 0.5
Grischuk 0.5
Kramnik 0.5
Leko 0.5
Morozevich 0.5
Svidler 0.5
I am so tired of the Petroff...

I have played similar lines against the reaper- but with the bishop on f4. I feel like no matter where you put it, the knight finds a good square (on c5 in this case) and Black will get the bishop pair. Stubborn Petroff. Good vid. Look forward to the rest.
Yeah. Can't beat the reaper. 5.d4! Then offer draw.

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