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Sunday, August 8, 2010


2010 U.S. Inter-service Championship Concludes

The 2010 U.S. Interservice Chess Championship concluded this week, with Don Carrelli playing Arthur Macaspac in the penultimate round.  It was an unfortunate opening choice for Don (why not the Left Hook Grand Prix, man?) and it was not a good tournament for him overall. But this game did give Arthur the chance to demonstrate how important it is to use your King in Queen and pawn endings.

Macaspac is both the reigning Army Champion and the Kenilworth Chess Club champion.  He has won the Army title three times.  Based on his performance in the tournament, Macaspac should have placed very well.  I have not seen a definite account of the final standings yet, however, to say whether or not he will be playing in the NATO championship (for which this tournament is the qualifier).  If anyone has a link to final standings, please post a reply here and I can update this post.  

Arthur also won his final round game.  For the second time in the tournament, he managed to force mate in the ending -- this time with Knight, King and Rook attacking his opponent's King.

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2010 Interservice Chess Championship Final Standings are as follows...
Air Force 26.5
Army 25
Navy 24.5

Those selected for the NATO team are
MSGT Dan Ranario (AF)
SPC Nathaniel Rockhill (USA
ENS Franco Jose
CPT Arthur Macaspac
TSGT Robert Bucholtz
MGuns James Adkins

MSgt Ranario took 6.5 points out of the 7 rounds for clear first in the Interservice. Cpt Macaspac won the blitz tournament which followed the day after.

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