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Friday, April 2, 2010


Kenilworth Chess Club Library

One of the more recent additions to the club is the Kenilworth Chess Club Library. It has been growing with some respectable additions over the last couple months- thanks to everyone who has been donating their books. Thanks everyone!

The library is open to active KCC members. Please try to keep the books circulating by not keeping them for extended periods of time! Sign out sheet is in the cabinet. Just some of the titles in completely random order will be posted in the comments. I also want to add that we have a "donated by" sticker that you can slap in the book.


beating the french vol.1
beating the french vol.2
beating the french vol.3
chessbase magazine 118

pandolfini's chess challenges
winning with the pirc defense
how to think in chess
karpov on karpov
die nordwalder variante
nimzovich's defense to 1.e4
rapid chess improvement - a study plan for adult players
us chess federation's rules of chess 4th edition
understanding chess move by move
practical middlegame techniques
endgame challenge by john nunn
chess - 5334 problems, combinations, and games
bobby fischer by lou hayes
mastering chess a course in 21 lessons
the sorcerer's apprentice
easy guide to the reti opening
the closed sicilian
the polgar sisters - training or genius?
starting out: sicilian najdorf
starting out: the sicilian
rubinsteins chess masterpieces 100 selected games
the world's chess championship, 1937
starting out: the king's indian
new in chess 1996
starting out: d-pawn attacks
play the najdorf: scheveningen style
40 lessons for the club player
how to play the chess openings by eugene a. znosko-borovsky
the logical approach to chess
hanging pawns
new in chess 2006
botvinnik one hundred selected games
how to play the sicilian defense
1001 brilliant ways to checkmate
the moment of zuke - critical positions and pivotal decisions for colle system players
symmetrical english 1..c5
the modern chess self-tutor
queen's gambit declined: tchigorin defense
new in chess 2005 #7
main line caro-kann
how to think in chess
starting out: the sicilian dragon
kasparov v karpov 1990
secrets of opening surprises
the vienna game & gambit
an opening repertoire for the positional player
winning with the petroff
attacking with 1.d4
queen's gambit declined: Bg5 systems
easy guide to the panov-botvinnik attack
official chess rulebook by kenneth harkness
chess catechism by larry evans
the art of attack in chess
the mammoth book of chess
the goring gambit 1976
chess mail 5/1998
beating the french with the alapin gambit
the official laws of chess
unorthodox chess openings
the complete chess course by fred reinfeld
correspondence chess yearbook 1991
an illustrated dictionary of chess
the march of chess ideas
the oxford companion to chess
rules of order
standard chess openings by eric schiller

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