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Saturday, February 6, 2010


KCC History Book

Hey everybody. As I looked through the filing cabinet for the lost keys, I kept finding loose pictures all over the place. Some of them had our club masters with hair, so you know they are old. It made me appreciate the history of the club, even if I have only been apart of if for the last couple years. If you have any old or even new pictures from the club, bring them in. I will work on a scrapbook. If anyone has any funny stories of when they first joined, send it to me via email or bring it in. I'll include it in our history! I am going to start it so every year we will have a list of members for the year, club championship results, summer tournaments, pictures here and there, clippings from Chess Life or Star Ledger perhaps, or anything else you can think of. I will also need some help figuring out when the pictures were taken and who is even in them! I'll probably start this after the tournament is over, so you have a couple weeks to find anything.


I'd like to help by supplying our tournament history for 2005-present. There's some missing info (such as the 2005 KST crosstable & lineups from various matches) but 90-95% of it is at hand.

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