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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Winter Warmer

For all you web jockeys here's my top 5 free resources for chess on the net:
Where your day should start, with a problem of the day featured prominently on the front page.  Want more?  There's a database of historical games populated by users (you can even add your own games though they ask that at least one master-level player be involved), and an openings database that is my first reference point.  Also there are live broadcasts of high-profile games with kibitizing that is somehwere between 100-1000x more intelligent than what you'll get off ICC users.  To get some of the better features requires $25/year, though.

Too cheap to shell out for ICC? features free online chess, both blitz and correspondence.  The server's a little choppier than ICC, but hey it's free so no complaining.   Really a killer value, could bump up to #1 on my list someday.  They've got other stuff (video lectures, etc) that costs $$, but there's no need for that.

The best place to keep track of news from around the world of chess, com
plete with picture reports which for some reason tend to focus on pictures of the ladies of chess (whoever they may be).  Good analysis, and 100% free of charge.

The blog of American GM Vinay Bhat.  Kinda like this blog with analysis of his own games, except he's waaaay better than me, plays more ches
s, analyses more and analyses better.  If you want a free insight into the mind of a GM, look no further.

A free tactical puzzle database that keeps track of your results and even assigns you a rating reflecting your progress.  No need for puzzle books anymore, it's all right here.  

I'll be in Hawaii for the rest of the month, see you at the club championship (PS Vote to make it rated in 2010!)


I really started to enjoy this website. One day, I will learn the colors of each square. The color speed quiz practices for just that. The endgame simulator is great too. Worth surfing through.
And of course the Kenilworthian! My opening rep came from there from the Left Hook Grand Prix to Monte Carlo French Exchange. Who needs opening books when you have access to this?!

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