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Friday, October 9, 2009


Karpovs Krush Korchnois

In the Garden State Chess League, the internecine battle between the Kenilworth Karpovs and the Kenilworth Korchnois ended in favor of the Karpovs.
My strategic resignation on board 2 sealed our commanding 2.5-1.5 win.  Winning my game would have been too mundane.  No, it was more important to taunt our opponents with how close the score was.  
Aided by our parapsychologist Dr. Zukhar we penetrated the defenses of the mirrored sunglasses of our aged opponents.  On Board 1 Steve "Petrosian" Stoyko ground Yaacov "Larsen" Norowitz into a draw, Board 2 saw Mike "Smyslov" Goeller get the consolation point, on Boards 3 and 4 John "Kramnik" Moldovan and Max "Carlsen" Sherer wrap up the match, with first blood being scored against Bill "Fish" Sokolosky.  

Next up on our rampage: West Orange

there are 20 new photos of the club at
Thanks Joe, that's a good link.

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