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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Look twice before crossing the street

In the position below (G/30) I had been suffering for awhile so I was glad for the opportunity to break out with 1. d5!?  
This turns out to be a reasonable move, though certainly not the only possibility on the board.  I didn't want to let ...Bf6 happen paralyzing my pieces, but I missed what happened next....

1. d5!? Nb4?!  2. dxe6??   (I was thinking of Bxg7, but I didn't like opening my weak g-file, and I thought I saw a counterattack)

2.....Bc5!  3. Bd4  BxB 4. RxB Qxc1+  (oops)

Interesting as well because earlier the rooks were on the c- and f- files, and I had to decide which to move to d1.  If I had chosen the other way around this would not have happened (and the Black queen was on g5 already, so this sort of tactic could have been apparent)


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