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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


...Rounds 3 and 4.

After Round 4, the Air Force increases their lead to a full point. The standings are as follows...

14.5 - Air Force

13.5 - Army

8.5 - Navy

3.5 – Marine Corps (2 players only)

Playing slightly better, I was able to get a draw for Round 3 and a full point for Round 4.  Below is a snippet that reminded me of last Thursday at Kenilworth when I got to a pawn ending with Ian.  An observer noted how I verbally expressed my desire not to centralize my King.   The following endgame is from Round 3 where it is my turn to play with the White pieces.

White to play...

That moment from Kenilworth flashed in my head and I played Ke2?? rushing towards the islolated pawn.  This move gives Black the chance to turn the tables.  What should have White played to hold the draw?  Catching a break, my opponent slips up too and play followed as ...Kd6, Kd3 Kd5?, g5!...and an eventual draw was agreed upon many moves later.  

At the moment, Don's 2.0 is the top score among Marines. Is the NATO qualifying criteria the same as last year?
Haha, you know what to do. Follow the eloquent Mr. Massey.
It is the same qualifying round, but after a heartbreaking loss yesterday and getting slammed today, I fell behind the other Marine. No NATO this year. An Army soldier won the tournament, but the Air Force won the team competition. Blitz tournament is next! Overalll, I finished a disappointing +2-3=2

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