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Monday, April 13, 2009


Bring Out Your Dead

Class B player Don Carrelli has made the excellent suggestion that we should create a library of used chess books at the Kenilworth Chess Club.  I have a few books I intend to donate, and if anyone else has some books they can chip in, before long we'll have a formidable collection of also-ran books.  If nothing else, I have a self-imposed rule about how many books I can own, so I have to get rid of some so I can waste money on others.  John and Mike: is this an idea you want to spread?  

And for U1400 rated players, a precis:

Hey you!  Bring books!  Donate!

Great idea. Michael Goeller had the same thought back in June 2005. I will bring a few books for the cause on Thursday & make a post on the subject once the Ellner Memorial is underway.
I'll bring some books next time I come.

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