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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


How to....Upload Your Games!

The most complicated part of this is creating a PGN. If you have an engine (like Fritz or Rybka), you can easily save the game as a PGN. If not, you can read about other ways (that are free) here. Once you have a PGN of your game, you can do a lot with it. The PGN is the best way to email the game so others can see it. And if you want to share it with more people, then slap it on here! I use the PGN Game Uploader to post my games on this blog. It is simple and quick. Here are the steps...

1) Create PGN
2) Go to
3) Paste PGN into box and select what color you were.
4) Convert it!
5) Copy the code from...."If you want to insert this replay into your webpage or blog, use this code:"
6) Paste it in the blog!

It will look like mumbo jumbo when you look at the pasted code, but once it gets published, it will look something like this.

This is one of my French games from ICC. It was blitz, so forgive the errors. Later in the week, Christiansen - Nakamura played the same opening by transposition at the US Championships. There game can be found buried somewhere here.

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