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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


2010 US Armed Forces Chess Open

WHAT: 51st Annual US Armed Forces Open Chess Championship
WHEN: 9-11 October 2010
WHERE: Community Airmen's Center, 1442 Concord Avenue, Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762
WHO: Open to all Active Duty, Reservists, Military Retirees, Cadets, and ROTC (with DOD ID) who have a USCF Membership. Trophies: Top 3, top by branch, top by class, and numerous special categories.
HOW: EF: FREE 6rounds. All skill levels welcome. Our unique system allows you to compete individually AND on your service team! Registration: 08:00-08:45, Rounds: Sat. 0900-1230-1600, Sun. 0900-1400, Mon. 0900. Two ½ point byes available. No smoking & no computers. Bring your clocks! 6SS, Rds 1-2 G/90, Rds 3-4 G/2, Rds 5-6 30/90, SD/1.
BILLETING: $39.00 TLF also available for Cadets & Midshipmen
ENTRIES /INFORMATION: Please use the entry form on the website if possible or print the form and mail to Mike Hoffpauir ATTN: USAFO, 405 Hounds Chase, Yorktown, VA 23693 with Rank, Name, USCF ID #, current rating/rank, and branch of service. NC. NS. W. Send all questions to Mike Hoffpauir or call (757) 846-4805

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Monday, August 9, 2010


Chicago Chess Pavilion

After my grueling Inter Service Chess Championship performance, I got the chance to hit the Chicago chess scene. Flanked by one of the great lakes and the Hancock Observatory, the scene was picturesque. The Chess Pavilion is located right off of Lakefront Trail. There was a constant flow of people playing and watching.

Here is a shot of one of my games against an energetic fellow which reminded me of one of Alekhine's games. The park had some good players, so unless you know what you are doing, be prepared to drop a couple bucks!

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Sunday, August 8, 2010


2010 U.S. Inter-service Championship Concludes

The 2010 U.S. Interservice Chess Championship concluded this week, with Don Carrelli playing Arthur Macaspac in the penultimate round.  It was an unfortunate opening choice for Don (why not the Left Hook Grand Prix, man?) and it was not a good tournament for him overall. But this game did give Arthur the chance to demonstrate how important it is to use your King in Queen and pawn endings.

Macaspac is both the reigning Army Champion and the Kenilworth Chess Club champion.  He has won the Army title three times.  Based on his performance in the tournament, Macaspac should have placed very well.  I have not seen a definite account of the final standings yet, however, to say whether or not he will be playing in the NATO championship (for which this tournament is the qualifier).  If anyone has a link to final standings, please post a reply here and I can update this post.  

Arthur also won his final round game.  For the second time in the tournament, he managed to force mate in the ending -- this time with Knight, King and Rook attacking his opponent's King.

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